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It is much more efficient to address any recruitment agencies and hire a remote team of developers. outstaff teaming is a type of remote employments when a hired person carries out all the job duties for a company being officially employed by another company . The latter one acts as an employer, thus is responsible for wages, bonuses, equipment granted to a worker, while a client company provides a worker with tasks and assignments.

  • Please look at the following models and decide which one is the best fit for you.
  • Businesses might get sidetracked when they dabble in areas beyond their expertise.
  • Day-to-day communication, task distribution, and the general success of the project will be in your hands.
  • This is one of the reasons why this region has become a center of outsourcing solutions.
  • Both outsourcing and outstaffing can help your business by allowing you to focus on what you do best while getting specialized help in other areas of your business.
  • Take note of their locations, years in service, and areas of expertise.
  • Staffing flexibility – it takes no time to scale or reduce the number of software engineers since the vendor handles all communication.

Communication-building issues between the dedicated developers and your in-house team. We are quite comfortable with plenty of communication tools to stay in touch. The specialists of our outsource staffing agency will be available through any communication platform that is suitable for you. Your company and process participants understand and accept the peculiarities of building relationships with outstaffed employees. While working on the project, the cooperating parties may experience problems if they misunderstand some tasks.

Pros And Cons of Hiring with a Recruitment Agency

Hire dedicated IT staff/developers and affordable development services from the best IT outsourcing company Riseup Labs. Another big drawback of outstaffing is slow turnaround time. While this isn’t usually an issue when dealing with copywriting services or social media management, it can be a problem when you’re outsourcing design projects.


Together with the client’s in-house developers, they’ve been able to create a complex Smart Site Safety Solution that reduced the risk of on-site accidents by 70%. IT outstaffing model is hiring foreign experts from another company full-time to work as a part of a client’s extended team. In both cases, the hired employees are part of the outsourcing or outstaffing company staff that pays them the salary and resolves all personnel issues.

Custom financial index investing service development

Finding a way to motivate a remote team might be challenging. Outstaffing will help you to improve your communication with your team members. The hiring process might take a few weeks to recruit a new staff member.


We render a full suite of services to cover your talent gaps. Normally, our clients hire dedicated programmers for full-time work on a single project. In this case, dedicated programmers you hire from team NEKLO can work on several projects simultaneously.

How to Find and Hire Outstaffing Company: 7 Steps

Also, it is the best choice when planning to build a project from scratch. New technologies emerge fast, making companies consider implementing innovation faster than the competition. However, specialists with the necessary skills are sometimes difficult to find, or they could be too costly.


IT outstaffing allows you to finish your IT projects faster by expanding your development capacity. It allows you to save a lot of time and costs while it still provides you with full control over the development process. You’ll have access to a team of skilled developers that are already trained to do the tasks you need them to do. This allows you to scale fast without having to find and train talent yourself. With outstaffing you’ll also benefit from lower rates compared to in-house hiring, local agencies, and outsourcing. IT outsourcing means delegating business tasks or processes to external software agencies.

Remote Managed Services

Uptech is a reputable international app development company that provides outstaffing services. We partner with startups worldwide to build apps that users love. Outstaffing is a staff augmentation process where businesses hire software professionals from IT outsourcing companies to boost their existing teams. In this arrangement, the outsourced developers continue to work at their workplaces but are fully managed by the client company. You are at the very beginning of your software development, trying to weigh all the pros and cons.


After all, IT staffing agencies cover all the necessary employment requirements in their respective countries. Bringing a business idea to life often requires SMEs, startups, or enterprises to hire an experienced team to deliver their projects successfully. But they may face a significant problem related to the tech talent shortage. For instance, the ManpowerGroup survey shows that 69% of U.S. employers struggle to find qualified staff. You can outsource various HR tasks and entrust managing your finances to an outstaffing company.

Possible disadvantages of outstaffing

While outstaffing your work can effectively solve your business goals, it has its own risks and drawbacks. Hiring the best outstaff developers is basically the same as hiring a new staff to work for you, except for lower rates and savings on recruiting expenses. It can be said that offshore developers become literally remote in-house developers for the customer’s company for the whole period of cooperation with offshore agencies.

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